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Conversion Optimization Design

Why Conversion Optimization Design will Supercharge Your Lead Generation

Multiply Your Results even without Increasing Traffic

dreamstime_s_58857706For the last ten years the goal of website owners, especially real estate agents and brokers has been to achieve a high position on search engines and directories. Some put a lot of money into it and got great position. But, what good is that if only a tiny percentage of visitors to the site end up as leads? So they’ve got traffic, “What now?” (more…)

Search Engines – Get Indexed Fast!

seowordcloudYou used to have to submit each and every page of your site manually to each search engine. That, happily, is no longer the case.

Search engines follow links on your site or other sites to find pages which they then import into their databases. So pages on your site will eventually be discovered and indexed if there is at least one link from an indexed page that leads to it.

However, a page or site being ‘indexed’ does not mean it will ever appear on any search.  It just means that if the search engine has its information. To be an effective business website the pages of your website must first be optimized with relation to the product or service that it represents, and then it must be updated frequently to be sure that new or updated information is indexed properly and timely. (more…)

Why Is Local Search A Goldmine?

Treasure MapLocal Search is a goldmine for small business, and the major local listing services have become a big part of the equation. Those that do not take advantage of it are among the majority of small business owners (for now).  A full-on search engine optimization campaign is time consuming, intricate and expensive. However, there are some SEO related things anyone can do to increase a business’ online presence. This means, if as a small business, you can look beyond your daily tasks and spend just a little bit of time seeing to these basic 6 steps (listed below), you will be far ahead of the competition in local search, or at least keeping up with the top players in your niche online.


5 of Your Website’s Hidden Problems — and 4 Not Hidden

What can you expect when you request “A Free Website Audit” for SEO from a professional Internet marketing consultant?

That’s easy, you’ll get a list of problems with your website that are costing you business and that you have to fix or update to turn that around.

What are the chances that the audit will come back saying: “Your Onsite SEO has no problems. It is perfect”?

Pretty slim. (more…)

Isn’t It Crazy?

Crazy EmojiIsn’t it crazy how many people go overboard about something they heard?

For instance:

It’s a fact that the use of mobile devices, especially SmartPhones and Ipads is growing at a phenomenal rate and it is expected to keep growing.

It’s also a fact that a large number of people use their SmartPhones and Ipads along with their desktops to research prior to purchase. Some do it in the store first–even scanning barcodes–so they can research the items when they get to their desktop at home. (more…)

I Don’t Want To Go To Copyright Jail!

So many times at Silk Shorts, Inc, we are asked to use pictures, graphics, even text/content from other websites or other sources when creating a new site for our clients.  First of all, we don’t do that —- someone else developed/paid for that material and we have no right to use it.

Secondly, you might be surprised how simple it is to find copyrighted material online.  Take a couple of sentences of material; put it in a Google search and, bingo, there it is (probably on a couple of websites).  There have also been ways to find pictures that are being used without a license for a long time.  Trust me, you don’t want to get the call telling you to pay up for using copyrighted material. (more…)

Why Can’t We Vaccinate Computers and Eliminate Computer Viruses?

I thought the flu virus was bad news.  It is, of course, but 2016 is turning into the year of the viruses for our computers — that and ‘malware’, ‘trojans’ and who knows what.  I haven’t been able to find the perfect vaccination for computers yet, but got a few suggestions from the nerds.

The strongest suggestion was “Don’t do nothing!”

That seems to be technical speak for getting as much of the following done as is possible–right now!

Make sure your browser(s) are updated with the latest security patches.

Install an up-to-date virus and/or security program on your computer if you haven’t already.  If you have a virus program that hasn’t been updated recently, shame on you. (more…)

Are you a ‘First Time’ Real Estate Website Buyer?

All REALTORS® know that “First Time Home Buyers” are not ‘homeless’, they already have a place to live.  They may even have owned a home in the past  (and, of course, almost all Realtors® have some sort of website, so we’re talking about First Time Effective Website), but they are people who have decided to make the commitment and investment to buy a home because it will enrich their life and be a foundation for their family’s future success.  It is their ‘Entry Level’ move as homeowners.

Our ‘First Time Website Buyer’s’ plan is based on the same concept.  A move into an entry level, cost effective, real estate website is worth the time and effort and money required because it will form the basis of your future business success. (more…)

How Much is Too Much to Spend?

If your business had unlimited cash it would simplify the question.  You could estimate how much new business can a new or redesigned website bring the business for each dollar invested.

Reality for most is that while there is no limit in what Internet marketing can accomplish, there is a practical limit on what can be budgeted for it.

When weighing your options it is useful to ask yourself the question: “If I knew a redesigned Internet marketing campaign would reliably have a high ROI and that the more added to the budget the more business would result, what is the maximum my company could invest in it?”  Having that figure in your mind simplifies the rest of the process. (more…)