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What is the Highest Offered Price You Would NOT Take for Your Website?

and What is a Website Worth to You?

You know, it’s really amazing how many people will ask about the ‘price’ of a site but don’t consider what the site is worth to them. What it ‘costs’ is what you invest in it in time and money. What it is ‘worth’ is what someone else would pay for it if they could get the same results as you. Or, put another way: the price you would not sell it for.

For instance: would you rather pay $500 for a site that brings you no business in a year or pay $10,000 for a site that brings you $20,000 in a year? Put that way it seems obvious.

Of course, that example is over-simplified but it does make it clear that slapping a one-price-fits-all tag on a website is ingenuous at best.

Our websites can cost anywhere from $1800 to $10,000 on up, and we have a way for you to estimate the costs to you for custom website work.

We’ve been asked if we are ‘expensive’ or ‘cheap’. Neither description applies to our work. ‘Cost effective’ is what we strive for and we will only agree to create a website if we know the design that you request will achieve your stated objectives. As a result, most of our clients remain clients for many years and return to us regularly for new sites or redesigned sites.

We value that trust as the linchpin of our business. Our sites are always search-engine-optimized at completion and have an included blog as well as being responsive (mobile friendly). We advise you on content that will further enhance good search engine indexing, advise you on keyword use and advise you on social media use, but you retain complete control of the result.

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Silk Shorts Internet Marketing helped me with my website. I now have a beautiful and very flexible, responsive WordPress site, that will grow with my business instead of constantly needing to be updated. Silk Shorts can handle all of your internet marketing needs. Including but not limited to blogging, facebook updates, help understanding internet reviews and of course web design. They truly are a full-service internet marketing company.

Jennifer Schrader

Photographer/Owner, Dirt & Digital