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Custom Email Marketing, Are You Overlooking It?

Your website visitors will buy from someone. Shouldn’t it be you?

dreamstime_s_39739606-smCustom email marketing is one of the greatest tools available to a small business both for customer support and also for nurturing leads and inquiries.

Sadly most businesses spend most of their marketing budget on a custom website, and then miss the boat by driving away their site visitors with poor email practices. As a result, they pass their hard-earned prospects to their competition that is doing it right.

Doing it right is not difficult!

Statistics show that of all the leads you receive only 15% are immediate prospects for a sale, however, 80% will eventually become sales. The trick is to keep those 80% within your influence until they are ready to buy your product or to pay for your service.

A simple, cost effective way to do that is to establish and maintain an email campaign that will periodically provide your future customers with useful and interesting information related to your business. For a retailer that would be info on new products and  special offers; for a plumber it might be tips on keeping drains clear; for a spa vendor maybe an offer of special deals on facials for new customers.  Well, you see what is needed.

Your custom email list should include not only your past clients and past leads and prospects but also should be set up to automatically add site visitors who can ‘sign up’ for your ‘Tips’, or Discount ‘Coupon’, or ‘Newsletter’, or ‘Free Widget’.

We will set up an email campaign for you and then maintain it using your input. We will configure registration forms on your site to build your database of leads, and will advise you on what is effective in your industry.

The cost of setting up a campaign like this starts at $500 which includes the creation of a template that matches your website and any other advertising look you have. The ongoing cost of the mailings depends on the size of your database and the frequency of mailing but generally starts as low as $50 per month.

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I have worked with Silk Shorts and Vern and Jana since the 90’s, so I’ve had a long-term relationship with the company. I own Thompson+Brown Real Estate and Silk Shorts has worked with us designing and hosting our website and search engine optimization. They have been great to work with, always prompt to respond and or reach out if they see something that we might implement to enhance our web presence. I highly recommend them.

George Brown

Owner, Thompson-Brown Real Estate