What Our Clients Say About Our Web Design and Our Affordable Websites

Silk Shorts web design has dramatically enhanced the success of my business. I recommend them to any business.

Lenora Harrison, REALTOR®

Coldwell Banker Sun Ridge Real Estate

Jana and Vern at Silk Shorts Web Design of Grass Valley created my site in 2006. I get more clients each year from the site. Thank you Silk Shorts!

Mary Margaretich, REALTOR®

RE/MAX Performance

Silk Shorts built my site in 2010. Now it’s an integral part of building my practice, and I’m helping more and more people get ‘Back to Health’. Thank you very much for designing my website.

Kebby Margaretich, D.C.

Back to Health Chiropractic

Silk Shorts designed my beautiful website. Now, people find me on Google even with a lot of competition. Thanks guys!!!

Stacey Lamothe, Jewelry Artisan

Stacey Lamothe Art

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design and Affordability

How Does Site Optimization Work?

We build websites with WordPress. As a design platform it has many features that search engines like and the platform is continually upgraded as new information about optimization is found. We also use tools especially designed to find any areas in the site that can be modified to improve results.

To build on that base, we design the backend to conform with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. We discuss this with clients so they know how to tweak their content to conform to these.

SEO is like an iceberg that shows 10% of its content and has another 90% below the surface where it is never seen by your visitors. The 90% is necessary for the 10% to index properly.

Why is there so much emphasis on Blogging?

Blogging is the single most effective tool you have to build traffic to your site. When the content is focused on your keywords and formatted to tell the search engines that content is useful to your site visitors, the results are miraculous. A blog is integral with web design.

We work with you to establish your blogging schedule and subjects. We help you decide on format, content and proper length of your posts.The magic happens because of the way our WordPress blogs are coded. A blog automatically notifies search engines whenever there is content added or updated on your website/blog. So the more quality content you publish and the more frequently you do so, the more authority and trust is attached to your blog. As more and more people subscribe to your blog, the search engines attach even more authority to your efforts and the reward of this element of web design is much more traffic and business.

What if I don’t have enough time to do all that blogging?
As a business owner you are always making decisions about how to allocate your time. When something is working you spend more time doing it. We are there to get you started and to train you or your staff in what the best practices are. Our web design takes into account your budget for time as well as money.

When you start to see the actual return on investment from your site, you will measure that against other business generating activity and will decide the level of investment in time and money that is apropos to your own situation.

We’ll make sure that you understand how the system works to help you in your decisions.

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Affordable Websites for Small Business

Here’s What We Do:

We Retrofit and Update Sites

Create websites designed to convert site visitors into leads for marketing, and do retrofits on good sites that are not performing well.

We Monitor Results

Follow campaign activity with Analytics to measure traffic, Heatmap to analyze visitor interests and conversion rate to evaluate results.

We Optimize for Search Engines

Optimize your website to improve your search engine position with relation to your competitors.

We Build Online Company Reputation

Guide your acquisition of online reviews and testimonials that impact visitors’ evaluation of your company.  Help you avoid and deal with negative reviews.

We Design Internet Marketing That Works

Coordinate website conversions, email campaigns, social media and blogging to build traffic to your website.

We Build the Number and Quality of Your Online Citations

The consistency and accuracy of your business information on the more than 200 directories and specialty search engines is paramount in establishing your ‘authority’ for major search engines.

Just what does ‘Affordable Websites’ mean?

Of course it’s very subjective.  After all, the alternative is ‘Un-Affordable’ and no one wants that, do they? So, what makes a website affordable?

It has to fit into a budget for its purpose. The initial outlay has to be measured against an established monetary figure.  That might be $1,000 or $10,000 or more depending on the business.  That initial outlay has to conform to the cash flow and financial health of the business.  The intention may be to increase gross sales by $100,000 but to measure affordability the result must occur within a determined time frame.

The price of a website has little to do with website affordability. After a business has monitored their website and the actual results they’ve gotten from it, then calculations and estimates can be formulated that can predict results of new campaigns.

Would I invest $10,000 today expecting a $100,000 return in six months?  In one year?  What if the result was 5 years off?  Would I still feel the 10 to 1 return was worth it?  Maybe yes, maybe no.

A guarantee would help, wouldn’t it?  Formulating a guarantee based on sales is problematic.  It is not only dependent on the website’s ability to convert users to leads and the amount of traffic and it’s quality to the site, but also the efficiency of the business to convert leads from the website into sales and if that can be estimated then we must also factor in the average amount of each sale.

Without being able to pin down a lot of these factors, your results from an investment in a website as part of your business marketing strategy are not precisely predictable.  There is, however, a very predictable way to make sure that you don’t waste either time nor money.  That’s what we want to talk to you about.

What ‘affordable websites’ mean to you.

  • We can advise you what other businesses similar to yours have experienced and how their campaigns have worked, and we can relate that with your present website and its results.
  • We can consult with you on your plan for nurturing and converting leads into sales, and help you manage expectations.
  • We can provide you with metrics showing how your own campaign is progressing and make tweaks or adjustments to improve performance.
  • We can set up and/or manage a follow up program that nurtures your leads until they are ready to convert to paying customers or clients.