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All REALTORS® know that “First Time Home Buyers” are not ‘homeless’, they already have a place to live.  They may even have owned a home in the past  (and, of course, almost all Realtors® have some sort of website, so we’re talking about First Time Effective Website), but they are people who have decided to make the commitment and investment to buy a home because it will enrich their life and be a foundation for their family’s future success.  It is their ‘Entry Level’ move as homeowners.

Our ‘First Time Website Buyer’s’ plan is based on the same concept.  A move into an entry level, cost effective, real estate website is worth the time and effort and money required because it will form the basis of your future business success.

Ask yourself: Is my present website an ‘effective real estate website’?

  • How much business does your website bring you each month?
  • Will you be satisfied if that’s all it does for the next 2-5 years?

To a first time home buyer price is an overriding limitation.

In spite of preferring a larger home in a more prestigious area, economics may require settling for something less.  However, that is a temporary condition.

When it is time to ‘move up’ that first investment forms the foundation’ of their purchase of a ‘move-up’ home.  It means they can afford a home that is nearer their ideal dream-home.

Do I need to point out the parallel to ‘first time website buyer’?

Price and Cost

Price is the amount of money and effort required to acquire a home or a website.  Just as a high price of a home may turn out to be only part of the cost if subsequent ‘fixes’ are necessary, a high price of a website will not of itself buy you a cost effective business tool. In a house you want quality construction by a knowledgeable contractor.  Same for a website.

When that move-up buyer is asked what was the cost of that first home, they might say: “Well, it didn’t really ‘cost’ anything.  I made money on it.”

After having a professional, real estate website that brings you leads on a regular basis, you will probably decide to upgrade and  ‘move-up’ to one with more competitive advantage.

Then if you are asked: “What did that first ‘entry-level’ website cost?” you might say:  “Heck, it didn’t ‘cost’ anything.  I made many times the price I paid!”

The other side of the coin

Have you ever heard: “I’d rather rent since my rent is less than the amount I’d have to put into owning a home. The price of owning is too much.”

You probably answered that with something like: “The ‘costs’ of not owning your home are:

  • No equity
  • No pride of ownership
  • No say in improvements for your family
  • Appreciation in any improvements or appreciation in value just goes to the landlord, not you.

Similarly, the costs not having a professional website are:

  • You get none or very little new business from the site.
  • Your competition looks more successful than you
  • You can lose your existing prospects and clients to other Realtors who have more effective and visible sites.

So, what’s my point?


  • You want to grow your business by getting a flow of leads from your website
  • You do not have a website that can do that
  • You don’t have unlimited funds for marketing

And since Silk Shorts, Inc:

  • Has been creating sites for Realtors® since 1996
  • Has an outstanding reputation among Realtors®
  • Is owned by former Realtors® with intimate knowledge of your challenges in the market
  • Will only build websites that will perform as effective tools for your marketing

You should learn more about how we can help you be even more successful than you are now.