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Responsive Website Design is No Longer Optional

If You Want to Compete for Mobile Users

No matter what your business or service is, your prospective clients and customers are using mobile devices to research you.  You MUST have a website with RESPONSIVE website design;  that is, configured to accommodate Ipads/Tablets,  Iphones, Android Phones and the myriad smartphones and notepads that are proliferating.

In April of this year Google flatly stated that sites that are not “mobile friendly” will not be indexed well in searches from mobile devices.

This is how Silk Shorts, Inc. websites are designed to be responsive:

A Silk Shorts, Inc. website responds to screens of different sizes by presenting completely reformatted and modified content appropriate to that screen.  It even re-formats as necessary to maximize the content for landscape and portrait views on screens such as the tablets or smartphones that allow changing the way you view the screen.

This means that extra programming goes into each new site we do.  We check the presentation on each of the mobile screens and if something is not rendering well we modify the configuration for that particular screen and that particular page.  It takes time and it costs more than an old fashioned site, but with almost every one using mobile devices it is a great investment.

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Jana & Vern of Silk Shorts created my new website. They worked closely with me to create just what I wanted. They are very excited about what they do and don’t mind sharing info. I feel very fortunate to know them! People often find me on Google searches even with all the competition in my field. Thanks guys!!!

Stacey Lamothe

Metal Artisan, Stacey Lamothe Art