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dreamstime_xs_16878878Your Website is a virtual Salesperson working for you 24/7 TEACH IT TO CONVERT VISITORS TO LEADS!

That makes sense, doesn’t it? When a person comes to your office for information you give them information, tell them about your service or product and then lead them into a commitment to buy or look at property or discuss your services.

When people come to your website for information and it gives them information about your products, services, property listings and services. Your website acts for you to turn that visitor into a prospect and eventually a client. That’s the idea, at least.

Suppose you hired a buyer’s agent or salesperson to work with your prospects. And what if that salesperson were great at presenting ideas and information but NEVER GOT A CONTRACT SIGNED, never asked the prospect to buy? Would you keep that person on? Would you fire them? Or would you try to teach them to close a sale?

99% of Realtors and other businesses are facing that problem with their websites. Their sites have listings and product information neighborhood information and schools information. It has their bio and qualifications and testimonials and more but the site never effectively asks for the sale! I don’t mean the sale of a home but the sale of contacting you or sending you a request for more. Oh, there may be a phone number on the site or a form for “contact for more info” but that is not effective. When you are demonstrating your service or product you don’t just show it hoping the prospect will say: “OK, how can I go about buying your product?” No, when you see strong interest you say: “Let’s do it now”. YOU CLOSE!

So 99% of the sites never do that, they never close.

You see, it doesn’t really matter how many visitors you have to your site if the site can’t capture contact information on them so you can take them to the next level and turn them into a prospect and client.

Most of those 99% of businesses think that the answer to this problem of losing 99% of their visitors to the competition is to get more and more visitors to the site, and they spend tons of time and money on chasing that goal. But, what good are all those visitors if you can’t turn them into prospects?

What those 99% of Realtors need is a good closing strategy for their website.

Remember less than 5% of visitors to your site are ready to buy right away, but almost 85% will be buyers within six months. (At least for real estate sites)

Another statistic is that you only have one chance at 90% of your visitors. A few will return to the site if you’re lucky, but your best chance is that first visit. If that first time visitor doesn’t contact you on their first visit, it’s unlikely that they will return to give you or your website a second chance.

So let’s define your website’s job. Very simply, it is to capture contact information from as many visitors a possible on their first visit so you can market to them and develop a rapport with them. The object of that ‘nurturing’ is so when they get serious about buying or selling, you are already at the top of their list to do business with.

Closing strategies for websites and follow up marketing strategy is what we incorporate in every client’s website.


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