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Lead Conversion on Your Website

Remember the last time you bought a new car?  Did you simply go into the nearest dealer with your checkbook in hand ready to buy?  Not likely. That car salesman’s job was lead conversion.

It does happen sometimes, not often.  If a dealer depended on people walk in and buy on their first visit they wouldn’t last very long.

When you first go looking you’re a ‘tire kicker’, someone who is not ready to buy but wants information to help you make a decision.  Of course it is very likely that you will buy a new car in the near future, but there are a lot of dealers, and  a lot of incentives and different models and on and on and on.  So you go from dealer to dealer gathering information until something spectacular happens.

That one special car appears.  You get excited and now you are no longer a tire kicker, you are a Prospect.  Now you know what you want and you only have to decide which dealer to buy it from.  You consider price, reputation, and possible testimonials of friends or acquaintances or contact on the Internet to help you decide whom to buy from. Lead conversion has brought you to this point.

99 percent of the visitors to your website are ‘tire kickers’ not prospects.  They’re gathering information and have no immediate plans to buy from you.  In fact they don’t care much about you or your testimonials or awards or sales record.  They care about what they can learn on your site.  They may spend considerable time on your site to get information if it’s there, but in the vast majority of cases they are not going to suddenly convert to prospects.

After the first visit they will not return for more information.  After all they’ve already gotten the info you had to offer.  If they want further investigation they’ll go to a different site or sites to see what they can find there.  There is no loyalty to you for having supplied information.

Statistics show that 85% of demographically targeted visitors to your site will EVENTUALLY make a purchase. So you’re faced with a marketing equivalent of musical chairs.  You hope that when that TK decides to get serious that they’re on your site.  Musical chairs is NOT a great marketing strategy.

So what is a great strategy taking into account these facts?  Glad you asked.

Your site must do everything possible to capture these visitors’ email and permission to market to them so that you can keep their interest by continuing to provide them with useful information about their objective so when they transform into prospects and are looking for a company or person with whom to do business you are front and center in their sight.

That, in a nutshell, is what we at Silk Shorts do for you to convert your website and marketing plan into a ‘lead machine’ that provides your sales team with purchase ready prospects in a continuous stream.  We not only optimize your site and your traffic gathering efforts but also design your website to convert tire kickers into ‘leads’ to whom you can then market to with your email program.  When your website has captured a visitor’s email and permission, its work is done.  Even if they only saw your home page and at that point converted, they are now in your sales ‘funnel’.

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