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The Silk Shorts ARSe (Automatic Reputation Service)

Collects reviews for Posting on Yelp, Google Plus, SuperPages and more; plus creates accounts on many directory sites so that incoming links and citations boost your search engine rankings!  (Here’s a quick video to explain…)

At less than $100 per month, this may be the most valuable service you could find to grow your business — even if you don’t have a great website! (Of course it’s lots better if you do have a great site)

Here’s a proposition for you:

The first part is for you to fill out the information requested in the form below (this creates absolutely no obligation to you). You will receive a copy of it, and we will receive a copy.  You can use it to make your efforts at building incoming links and citations much more effective by standardizing exactly how your information appears.  Consistency across the Internet is paramount in demonstrating to search engines that your business information is up to date and accurate.  (Using even minor variations like using ‘www’ on some and no www on others, or using ‘Incorporated’ instead of ‘Inc.’, or using a different phone number can torpedo your efforts.)

If you invest that time filling out the form, we will invest the time to create and send you a comprehensive audit of your site and a list of directory sites you can start using, as well as detailed information on our ARSe program.  There’s absolutely no obligation and no hard feelings if you don’t do business with us. You can tell us if you do or do not want any promotional follow-ups or special offers.

  • Basic Information

  • (to be exactly the same everywhere)
  • (not a password. may change in different locations)
  • (main business phone for prospects)
  • (Include as many as you have. Some may not be accepted on some sites)
  • (the landing page for prospects following a link)
  • Part Two: (Existing Review Accounts)

    (these are the most important review sites)
  • (this is a way to search for your business in Google and will bring up your Google business listing if you have one as well as a link to your Google reviews)
  • (this takes you to your Yelp business page where people can review your business)
  • (this takes you to your CitySearch page where people can review your business)
  • (can be used for reviews although impact is low. be sure it is set to allow posts.)
  • (account detail page and/or review page)
  • (an important directory and review site for attorneys)
  • (professional directory accounts you appear in)
  • Info for New Directory Listings

Your personal information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any outside organizations.*Required Field**By giving us this phone number you are giving our Company or its agents permission to call you in response to this request even if this phone number is in the State and/or National Do Not Call Registry.

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(a Google Review–MORE)

What a difference Silk Shorts has made to our Business Networking Group (BNI). They have shown us how to enhance our online reviews and have helped us grow our chapter to one of the largest in the area, and they continue to keep it updated and fresh. As Vice President it’s nice to know that our Social Media is taken care of. We are in great hands and very thankful Silk Shorts is part of our group!

Jana Leonard

Chapter Vice President, BNI (Business Network International)